Brawa Tnomehs 30 bananen

Sometimes I got the question asked do you work on commission after they see my work at shows. Well shure I do ! This time someone came to me at the expo at Leuven Belgium with a bright yellow boxcar for bananas. Sometimes I wonder if the manufacturers of rolling stock know anything about scale and color. Boy this car was bright, so bright yellow it almost hurt the eye. This made it a real challenge for me, tone it down a little with a couple of fades using the Ammo transparator medium for the first time. Couple of drops of white, bit yellow and a lot of transparator and thinner shaked well in a dropper bottle before spraying it on the car. After letting it dry for a day and a next coat with a satin varnish I put it away for a week to determine wat I would use on this car. Well decided to go with a wash for DAK, a bit brownish color for the pinwashes, wich let pop out the detail nicely. After that some streaking grime and a light spray of tracks primer on the undercarriage before I hit it with several pigments. Couple of rust tones to the springs and wheels set with streaking rust softened with odourless thinner, metal pigment on the buffers. Grease added to the bearing pods and puffers. Black and metal pigment combined with grease gives a nice result for the thick grease on the puffers in the real world. Pigments for dust on the undercarriage set with odourless thinner with the airbrush, manipulated with a brush and finally set with pigment fixer..


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