A Lenz kesselwagen.

Traveled to a show in Hochdorf Switserland this weekend for some demonstrations of weathering techniques. As always I did have the problem what to bring and what to show so I ended up with 4 crates of material and 2 crates of rolling stock. My friend and Team Mitropa mate Erik Wieringa arrived after a 1,5 hour drive at my place where we enjoyed a coffee, packed the car and left at 8.30 AM. After a long drive we arrived at Hochdorf  at 6.30 PM where we set up our gear for a 2 day show. The first day I did some fading on boxcars, added some oil paints on the German Gmhs 53 and started on the tank of the Lenz kesselwagen. Gave it a light fade with a light grey wash and some dark faded rust on the top with Ammo tracksprimer so I could get started on chipping the next day. With a lot of questions of the audience you never get as much work done as you wish, but hey that´s what you´re there for. Think I got the chipping done at the end of the day, started with a light grey color and finished over that with a Ammo chipping rust color. With the show closing at 4 PM and packed at 6.30 PM we decided to drive home. Leaving at 6 PM we finally arrived at my place ar 2.15 AM where we unpacked my stuff and Erik went home for another 1.5 hours. Respect mate !

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